Bankers/Commercial Lenders/Bank Loan Officers

Commercial LendersBankers, bank loan officers and commercial lenders need certified appraisals to support their loan and lease decisions to substantiate and collateralize a loan. This is especially true in dealings with the Small Business Administration, whose new standard operating procedures (SOPs) require a “qualified” equipment appraisal.  When lending companies have confidence in what the value of a company’s physical assets are, it makes it much easier to support a purchase or sale, or validate a lending decision.

Particularly in view of the current day economic volatility, it’s critical to use an expert for machinery and equipment valuations.  The fair market value for products can change significantly in a short period of time and an experienced, qualified certified appraiser is the best defense in a shifting market.

Brumbaugh Appraisals is the certified appraisal firm best qualified to assist you with detailed, defensible appraisals.  We’re also very proud to be associated with the North Carolina Bankers Association.  To learn more about the value we can provide to your bank or commercial lending institution, or to get started, please call us at 919-870-8258, fill out our contact form to the right or email us at